Great Products. Global Brands

We source and import some of the best food and beverage brands in the world for major retailers and food service businesses.


Delicious. Organic. Healthy.

  • The raw ingredients of the sauces are grown without any chemical substances.

  • Sanitarium’s plant-based drink made from almonds and coconut cream.

  • UP&GO Energize from Sanitarium - a drink with slow release energy.

  • Potato chips, tortilla chips and nachos in amazing flavors and formats.

  • Juices and teas made from pure, certified organic fruits and vegetables.

  • A protein product for every need -weight loss, sport, recovery and more.

  • The organic fruit and nutbite, it is easy to bring along and enjoy anywhere.

  • Alternative grains and superfoods made into delicious snacks.

  • Premium quality, fresh, live yogurts that are natural, healthy and tasty.

  • Kettle Corn made by hand in copper kettles, the old Broadway way.

  • Delicious gluten-free rice noodles. Good for people sensitive to gluten.

  • Creamy Almond Milk Dairy Free Yoghurt made from almond milk.

  • The top brand from Italy has everything you will ever need in the kitchen!

  • Superfood mixes packed with nutritious goodness and protein.

  • Organic chips made from natural grains, seeds and vegetables.

  • Flavorful cheddar cheese. creamery butter and handmade caramel popcorn.

  • The most environmentally friendly kitchen and household products.

  • RawLicious RAW Crackers are super high quality and an incredibly tasty snack.

  • Grain based snacks full of whole grains for a heart - healthy treat.

  • Spelt flour combined with rice flour for healthy biscuits and cookies.

Bringing the best of the world to food service businesses.

We import premium brands for food service businesses

We source some of the best brands for food service businesses like hotel chains, eateries and restaurants. Our high end clients include the Jumeirah Group, Hyatt, Starwoord Hotels, Hilton Hotels and the InterContinental Hotels.

We bring you the best of beverage brands

We bring some of the finest beverage brands to you including a range of the finest teas from Taylors of Harrogate. We supply these premium beverages to the best names in retail and hospitality across the UAE.


Mission Procurement

© UN/MINUSTAH/Logan Abassi

We supply everything - to specifications!

We supply humanitarian and aid missions in conflict zones around the world with mission critical equipment and supplies to ensure they remain focused on saving lives. A critical requirement is quick delivery and procurement to precise specifications. We have seamlessly delivered across multiple missions.

Providing critical supplies for missions.

UN Photo/Nektarios Markogiannis

UN Photo/Omar Abdisalan

UN Photo/Nektarios Markogiannis

A reliable partner in UN missions and others

Crises, emergencies, peace-keeping missions...we back them all up reliably with mission - critical supplies - everything from sports equipment to medical supplies, from needles to cables, we have it all covered. We know someone, somewhere is desperately waiting for the supplies that can make a difference to her life and that is what drives us on -every single day.

Some clients who use our Mission Procurement Solutions.

Automotive Solutions

Automotive components of every type

With a resource pool of professionals who are experts in the field of automotive procurement, we are well positioned to cater to the precise needs of fleet management providers around he globe. Connecting with OEM manufacturers and integrating with world class logistics service providers we provide cost - effective solutions for On - Time performance.

We can source any auto component you need.

No auto part is too small to source

We source every type of auto part for your fleet of vehicles in combat areas. Whether it is repair, maintenance or replacement, we can supply every component you need from the smallest to the biggest - in record time. Our goal is to give our customers a hassle-free experience when they source automotive parts from us. Our unbeatable combination of people, parts and price, ensures our customers get the value they deserve.

Top brands. Genuine parts. Great value.

OEM parts and genuine spares

A single faulty OEM spare part piece is enough to destroy complete peace of mind. With Trilok, you you can rest assured that every part requisitioned will be genuine OEM and spares will be be sourced from best in class vendors with pre-existing history of supplying spares for the specific vehicles they have been requisitioned for. We also go the extra mile and offer alternative spares for obsolete parts which you may need to source.


Multiple global tire brands + multiple sizes + multiple patterns + multiple measurements equals quick retrofit of the best available tire in in times of critical need. At Trilok, we work with the best global tire brands to pre-test tires matching specific local ground conditions and deliver a perfect fit so that you can focus on the task of moving your business forward. We have preferred agreements in place with manufacturers that allow us to price our tires very competitively and get large bulk quantities with our OTIF (On Time & in Full) sourcing model.

Lubricants and oils

A vehicle that has been serviced with higher quality auto lubricants can translate into many miles of extra vehicle life. Not just that, using quality auto lubricants also allows the vehicle to operate at peak efficiency and performance. This can equate to lower fuel costs and more power. With exclusive distribution rights for a globally renowned brand of lubricants, we are perfectly positioned to cater to the wide assortment of lubricants from motor oils to oils and lubricants, brake fluids, power steering products, anti-freeze and radiator products, greases and gear oil among others.


With the axis of automotive cars manufacturing shifting away from pure play mechanical parts, a vehicle’s battery can make all the difference to the performance since unstable voltage can severely impact the underlying electronic / software heart of the vehicle. With sourcing agreements in place with an array of automotive battery manufacturers including Exide, Optima, VARTA and ACDelco among others, we can source all your battery requirements in the shortest possible time.

For advice on any of our products, please contact our expert Sales team - they will be happy to help you.

Some clients who use our Automotive Solutions.

About Trilok

Starting small with big dreams

We started off in 2004 with an idea, a small office space and a staff of 3. In the +10 years since, we have grown to +40 staff spread over 3 office locations and a diversified portfolio of brands.

The go-to guys for all things green, organic and healthy

We’ve set a scorching growth pace in the last 3 years, registering double digit growth. We have now pivoted and our aim is to be the #1 source and go-to-guys for all things organic, healthy & green in the region. This includes food, beverages, produce as well as organic lifestyle products.

Mission Procurement and Automotive Solutions

We supply humanitarian and aid missions in conflict zones around the world with mission critical equipment and supplies. We also connect with OEM manufacturers and integrate with world class logistics service providers to provide cost effective automotive solutions for on-time performance.

Our team, the wind beneath our wings

We derive our strength from our team. We have a young enthusiastic team with an average age of 26.3 years and an average tenure of 6.4 years - in a company which has just been around for a decade!

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